A downloadable game for Windows

'Order's Up' is a University of Northampton student group project.

The player takes on the role of a waiter making their way in the big city, travelling to different restaurants to prepare the best meals from all over the globe. Following the chef’s recipes, the player must catch and balance the falling food on to a plate to complete the order, all while balancing variety of food, suited to each themed restaurant. The player gains access to new areas following a linear storyline progression, by completing a certain number of levels the player will unlock restaurants to complete. The player loses if they don’t complete a recipe.


Left and Right arrow keys to move the player

Cheat code (secret)



Amy Moulton 

Brendan Dall 

Jos Henderson 


Adam Cooke

Adam Davidson

Emil Svetlinov

Nathanael Webb

Install instructions

Unzip the file.

Run the executable.


OrdersUp.zip 53 MB

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